Using Employee Generated Content, Reebok was able to reach more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. How did they do it? With their employee’s commitment! In the course of the Reebok CrossFit Games, for instance, Reebok’s employees were asked to showcase their passion for the brand.  They were encouraged to create their own content and share them using the hashtag #FitAssCompany. Contributions were then published on Reebok’s official social media channels. Not only was the number of quality posts increased this way, but trust in the brand was also built up – both from the employee and the customer side. A great success!

What is Employee Generated Content?

Employee Generated Content is a variant of User Generated Content and signifies content about a company, product or market that was created by its own employees. Companies can either provide employees with an internal platform for exchanging the results, or they can use them for external communication. In the latter case, the employee functions as a spokesperson reporting on life behind the scenes as well as expressing their enthusiasm for the company or product.

As we’ve seen with Reebok, employees can contribute significantly to a marketing campaign’s success. But that’s not all. We’ve compiled 5 reasons why you, too, should motivate your employees to post their own content.

What are the advantages of Employee Generated Content?

1) Your employees know your company and your clients best

Your employees are an influential group capable of convincing customers to buy your product. That makes them an invaluable resource, especially when it comes to publishing and distributing content in the company’s name. They understand your client’s needs, they know your company goals and they’re experts at their everyday job. The market research institute Nielson discovered in 2012 that advertisements from companies are only considered trustworthy by 47% of people, whereas the Edelman Trust Barometers found out in 2013 that 66% of all respondents trust experts within a company.

2) Employee Generated Content boosts employee engagement

A chance to create content gets employees more involved in discussions and communications relevant to your organisation. This means they can actively shape developments within the company. If you want to increase engagement between employees, it’s essential to offer commenting and sharing options to encourage interaction.

3) Employee Generated Content improves internal communications

Employee Generated Content empowers each team member to share their own viewpoint. This gives your employees valuable insights into their colleagues‘ opinions, as well as trending topics, changes within the market or company and their ideas and work methods. These inspirations and discussions can then contribute to new products and services as well as processes and working methods.

4) Creating content helps motivate your employees

When you allow your employees to create content for your company, it won’t be long before they voice their hidden ideas, which in turn has a positive influence on their productivity and profitability. That way, excellent employees can produce valuable trainings for their team members and motivate them to bring their best at work.

5) Employee Generated Content will help create a culture of lifelong learning

To stay competitive, workplaces must create continual educational opportunities. By using technology to help create a culture of learning, you can create a continual flow of knowledge throughout the organization and help build a workplace where work and learning are inseparably intertwined.

Where do I start?

Interested in the opportunities Employee Generated Content provides? Stay tuned for our next post, where we will show you how you can lay the foundation for introducing “EGC“ into your own organisation.

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