As a matter of fact, your employees are always informed about your products or services. This is a significant factor of success for your sales department. There are several different ways to train your employees, however none of the training methods is as suitable for sales as the usage of video trainings. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Video is more plausible because of the human element

Pictures say more than a thousand words. This saying proved true and its meaning is even stronger for videos and, obviously, for video based trainings. 90% of all information transmitted to the human brain is visual and pictures are processed 60,000 times faster than text. That’s the reason why videos naturally increase the efficiency of trainings. The effect of text and numbers improves as well by combining videos with PowerPoint slides. If the video based trainings are meant for sales purposes, especially the human aspect is crucial, as a personal speech of somebody has a direct effect. Moreover, sales people attach great value to interpersonal communication and as a result prefer this kind of e-learning.

  1. Video based trainings allow for an efficient preparation on sales talks

Salesmen spend a lot of time with business trips. Visiting clients, fairs and having meetings with business partners is time consuming. The travel time can, of course, be used efficiently for trainings. If an account manager is able to access a video based training with the newest product information in the train, he is perfectly well prepared for the upcoming meeting. Video based trainings can be retrieved comfortably via tablet or notebook. In modern solutions, they include chapters which simplifies the retrieval of knowledge enormously.

  1. No binding date and a fast rollout of trainings/ product communication

Video trainings, especially web based solutions, are permanently available and retrievable. As salesmen do not need to attend face-to-face training, they become more flexible. Thus, there is more time for the actual sales activity and for important meetings with clients.

  1. Little costs

Usually, e-learning is known as something expensive. This holds true for a lot of trainings: Companies pay between 10,000 and 30,000 Euro for the creation of a web based training course. The standard equipment for video based trainings, meaning a video camera, a tripod and a microphone costs only around 1,500 Euro, a fraction of what companies usually pay. The software is as well less costly. Using a web based software for hosting and manage existing trainings is the best solution for getting the most value of the money spend. Additionally, there are savings because of e.g. ceasing travel costs.

  1. Video trainings can be created very fast and easy

Internal video trainings do not need to be Hollywood like productions. For the sales department, the best solution is to have a presentation, just like it is held in front of colleagues in a meeting room, as a multimedia file. A recording is successful without any expert video knowledge. With the right web based software, the recorded and uploaded video can easily be combined with uploaded PowerPoint slides. This is a very fast and intuitive process which is done by only a few clicks. Starting with the conception up to the sharing, a video training can be implemented during only one day. This is way faster compared to web based trainings, where already the conception can take weeks. Video trainings ensure an immediate rollout: All information concerning the product for the sales department are instantly available in a plausible format.


Especially for sales fast and pragmatic training solutions have a high importance. Product managers can directly distribute video trainings to the salesmen without the need of the whole e-learning department. The communication process is simplified tremendously and the whole efficiency of the marketing and the sales department is increased. Having important information everywhere at any time available in an appealing format, the whole process of knowledge transfer accelerates and the knowledge about the own products improves.