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» SlidePresenter is the easiest and most intuitive way to revolutionize knowledge transfer and communication in your organization. Digitize expert knowledge and enable your employees
to leverage it to achieve their goals.

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SlidePresenter is a web-based solution for fast and easy creation of eLearnings and video communication, which every employee can use intuitively and without training time.

The created content can be enriched with interactive elements, shared with one click and retrieved
"on-demand" from any device.

» About the product features ...

What can I do with SlidePresenter?

Our solution has multiple applications in every department of your company.
We have put together a few examples for you to illustrate this.

  • Digital
    Knowledge Transfer

    Make your knowledge come to life wherever you go.

    • If you want to optimize the knowledge transfer between your employees:
      Share best practices in your organization and keep critical knowledge within your company successfully. With SlidePresenter, every employee can digitize and distribute knowledge within the company independently and without prior technical knowledge. Thus, you provide new employees with the information they need in the shortest possible time, without them having to laboriously gather it.

    • If you want to relieve your subject matter experts of recurring questions:
      Instead of repeating yourself several times, your subject matter experts can record and provide the required knowledge once. This way, you ensure fewer repetitions and at the same time more documented knowledge that can be accessed by colleagues as required.
  • Efficient

    Create your message in no time and make it resonate.

    • If you want to make it easier for your training department to create courses:
      In just a few minutes, a professional training course can be created in the form of videos, screen recordings, sound recordings or classic presentations. You have the option to enrich your videos with interactive elements such as quizzes, chapters or subtitles during post-processing. The finalized video presentations can be shared with selected people via a link, in the intranet or in your learning management system.

    • If you want to turn your company into a “Learning Organization”:
      Reduce the amount of face-to-face trainings and give your employees the opportunity to access knowledge exactly when they need it − in the form of short, digestible learning nuggets and at their own learning speed.
  • Effective Communication

    Present ideas that anyone can share and understand.

    • If you want to take communication in your company to a new level:
      Send video messages to your teams to inform them about news, give praise or get feedback on your ideas. Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders instead of sending information as text or PowerPoint. Reduce the number of questions and avoid misunderstandings.

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