Benefits of Video Learning

There are countless methods for the professional training of your employees,
ranging from classroom training through “Blended Learning” to pure eLearning formats.
Video-based eLearnings convince with numerous advantages.

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What is eLearning?

eLearning, also known as electronic learning, is the
self-determined learning of digital content that can be accessed “on demand”.

The digital nature of eLearning results in numerous advantages over traditional employee training.

Time and cost savings

Employees no longer have to stay away from their workplace to travel to the training location. This also minimizes the organizational effort.


Since eLearnings can be accessed “on demand”, your employees learn as soon as they are ready − no matter when, where and from which device.


Digital content can be viewed several times and repeated at a later time. This increases the learning success considerably.

Why should I use videos in my eLearnings?

Text-based eLearnings or conventional ”WBTs” no longer match today's standards.
We'll show you why videos are ideal for training your employees instead.

Wie produziere ich ein Video_Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung für Employee-Generated Content

Regular "Web-Based Trainings" (WBTs) usually consist of numerous slides that the learner has to click through. The contents are mainly conveyed text-based.

Some of the advantages of eLearning are already being utilized with this format, but those who really want to convey knowledge effectively should rather rely on video content.

A brief comparison between video-based eLearnings
and “WBTs” can be found below.

Video Learning
Unlimited availability
  • Online availability increases flexibility and saves costs.
Inclusion of several types of learners
  • The learning effect that's achieved by video trainings is increased
    by involving multiple senses and different types of media.
Natural, intuitive way of learning
  • Employees use Google and YouTube videos to learn at home.
  • Videos have a 74% higher comprehension rate.
Increased employee involvement
  • Employees feel personally addressed when someone explains something to them in video format - perhaps even someone they know.
  • 87% of all video training participants feel more connected to their teams as a result of this form of learning.
Regular „Web-Based Trainings“
Limited availability
  • “WBTs” usually only work in the Learning Management System.
Text-heavy learning experience
  • Extensive text passages reduce concentration and make it more difficult to retain the knowledge conveyed.
Artificially applied learning style
  • Long texts on PowerPoint slides are no longer up to today's standards and are often perceived as tedious.
Impersonal user experience
  • The experience of clicking through the PowerPoint slides is often sluggish and does not offer many possibilities for interaction.
  • There is no personal contact as there are only few ways to effectively involve your own employees.
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