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As dynamic as a start-up. As successful as an established company. SlidePresenter gives you both!

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Our open positions

Who we are:

Fast, smart and full of drive.
At SlidePresenter, good ideas instantly come true!

We believe that you can always learn something new and that’s what we do. We are positive people who understand problems and see chances in them. At SlidePresenter, ownership counts. We are no fans of hierarchies, but of results and solutions. Team spirit is very important for us, because together, we achieve the best outcomes. Get to know your colleagues in the video!

Founder Sebastian Walker | Founding Year 2011 | Employees 50+

Your contact persons
in our “HR and Recruiting” department

Doreen Strauß − Senior HR Manager
Dajana Duvnjak - HR & Team Assistant

In the attached video we would like to introduce ourselves to you!
We are happy to answer your questions at karriere@slidepresenter.com.

Our open positions

Our values

Below, we would like to explain which values are important to us.

  • Long-Term Partnerships

    We think and act in order to build long-term partnerships with colleagues, stakeholders and customers. We value a balanced ratio of give and take, which allows for mutual growth. In doing so, our biggest goal is to maximize the value of our services for our customers.

  • Extreme Ownership

    We take responsibility. If we say we’ll do something, then we keep our word. We feel accountable ourselves instead of blaming others, searching for excuses or denying problems. We start by asking what we can do to improve ourselves, and then begin from there.

  • Courage

    We can deal with uncertainty. We have the courage to change things that don't add value, and to take a stand for things that do. We focus on what is important and right, rather than what is desirable.

  • Joy

    We enjoy our work and getting results. We love taking responsibility and using it well. We appreciate exchange with smart colleagues, we grow through direct feedback and celebrate open and respectful communication..

  • Solution Orientation

    Following our motto “Everything is possible”, we focus on solutions, not problems, and live with an absolute “can do” attitude. At the same time, we accept mistakes and appreciate learning from them. Once we identify a problem, we solve it creatively and analytically - without delay!

  • Right Judgement

    We mostly make the right decisions quickly, because we dismiss our fears, disregard our ego, and accept the better solution even if it's not our own.

  • Proactivity and Development 

    We are never satisfied with the status quo. We don’t wait for an impulse to act, but continually ask ourselves what we can do to bring the company forward. We improve ourselves and see ourselves as competitors of the world's top players. To win this competition, we constantly focus on getting faster results, avoiding repetition and never wasting time.

What makes us different?

How are we different from other workplaces?
In this video, our employees explain to you how we work, what makes us unique and how our corporate culture is perceived.

Our application process

Your way to us takes you through four steps in which we want to find out whether we are a good match.
At the same time, you have the chance to get to know our company and our values.

Online Application &
Confirmation Receipt

After we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation receipt as soon as possible. We will then start looking at your documents.

Video presentation

If your documents are convincing, we will invite you to test our product in action. You will have time to give us a brief introduction of yourself and your motivation in a video presentation.

Telephone interview & first trial tasks

If your application has sparked our interest, we will invite you to a short telephone interview to get to know each other. Here, we introduce ourselves to you and resolve initial questions. If both sides are convinced that we should go further, we will invite you to work on first test tasks, which you can prepare from home.

Personal meeting and trial day

In case we still think that we could fit together, we will invite you either to a first meeting with our founder or directly to a trial day (about 4h). Here you will get to know the product, the team members and your first tasks - and we will also get to know how you work.

… and then?

Once you successfully complete all the steps, it's time to say: “Welcome to SlidePresenter!”
Take a look at what awaits you here.

Working methods & environment

Top Onboarding

We plan your initial training carefully so that you are ready to start from the very first moment!

Responsibility − fast and plenty

We believe in “Extreme Ownership”! That's why you will quickly take on a lot of responsibility at our company.

A lot of fun

We want you to enjoy your day in the office, which is why we won't forget to have fun together − we promise!

Success through trust and autonomy

You work autonomously on your ideas, because we trust you to make the right choices.

Appreciative corporate culture

We insist on respectful interaction with each other at all times − even when we occasionally have heated discussions.

Short decision-making paths

We maintain an open culture so that decisions can be made promptly and without long detours.

Flexdesk system

We encourage cross-team exchange. You can decide where you want to work.

Adjustable desks

Your health is important to us! For making your work as comfortable as possible, you have the possibility to work at a height-adjustable desk.

An international team

Our office counts many different nationalities − and it is getting more and more! We value this diversity.

An inspiring environment

We appreciate the exchange with smart colleagues! We generate numerous ideas and solutions this way.

For your career and professional development

Flexible working areas

We give you the opportunity to think outside of the box and to get involved in various departments.

Training & Coaching

One never stops learning. That's why we support you in developing your skills and knowledge.

Orientation on your strengths

We will find a role that matches your skills, personal preferences and motivation.

Individual development opportunities

Your success is important to us! That's why we offer you strength-oriented opportunities for development.

“Fast track” career

We will define milestones together to ensure you have an extremely steep learning curve.

Book and LinkedIn Learning flatrate

Do you think that a certain book would help you personally or professionally? We'll get it for you! Additionally, you can use our LinkedIn Learning License for further development.

Internal training database

We continuously exchange our knowledge within the company, so that everyone benefits from it!

A lot of feedback

Feedback is the best way for us to improve which is why we maintain an open feedback culture.

Boosting the “feel-good” factor

Flatrate for fruits, coffee, water & tea

We want to create an enjoyable atmosphere. Fresh fruits, hot coffee, water and good tea are a must-have!

Work hard, party hard

All of us are highly motivated and always give our best to ensure success. We celebrate this properly!

Regular team events

We plan joint events periodically in order to get to know each other beyond work.

“Beer Friday”

We are more than happy to celebrate a successful week with a beer together after work.


Since a good life is accompanied by a good work, you can decide whether you prefer to work full-time or part-time or just stay in the Home Office and avoid rush hour.

Remote Working

Because we value our flexibility, you can also become part of our unbeatable global team - without the need to live in Frankfurt!

Get-The-Best Program

As an employee of SlidePresenter you know the company best. That is why internal recommendations from friends and colleagues are worth their weight in gold. In order to appreciate this, we pay for a recommendation, if the recruitment is successful.

Employee discounts

Through the "Corporate Benefits" and "Ticketsprinter" platforms, we offer our employees a variety of discounts and employee benefits. Whether it be event and cultural highlights, services or other online offers. Just the right thing for bargain hunters!

Company pension

Prevention is better than aftercare - even when it comes to investing in retirement capital. To provide our employees with the best possible support, we offer all full-time employees the opportunity to join a company pension (bAV).

Our Open positions

Are you interested?
We are looking forward to your application!