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More than 2.500 employees of Aareal Bank were instructed using conventional classroom schoolings in the past.
Read here how the company was able to successfully implement eLearning, thanks to SlidePresenter.


Challenge: For now, the employees were educated using inefficient classroom schoolings. Aareal Bank was looking for an easy-to-use eLearning tool to be able to create and distribute online trainings in no time.

Solution: Instead of having to organize classroom schoolings, new information is now presented in short video clips that are created and distributed with the SlidePresenter application within minutes. eLearnings are accessible „on-demand“ on any device, can be repeated indefinitely and are more engaging than conventional teaching methods due to interactive elements.

Result: Due to the ease of use of the SlidePresenter application, every employee is able to share their knowledge in an attractive eLearning format. Aareal Bank has managed to implement a future-proof learning method, resulting in reduced workloads for the HR department, as they no longer need to organize time-consuming and cost-intensive classroom schoolings.


„I would recommend SlidePresenter to anyone who wants to quickly create content, who likes a lean software and, most importantly, to someone that appreciates good support. (...) So far, there is no other tool known to me, that is able to realize things as quickly and is also so easy to handle.“

Sven Robin | Human Resources Consulting & Development @ Aareal Bank

Sven Robin | Human Resources Consulting & Development

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