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More than 500 insurance agencies need constant access to relevant information about product changes.
Read here how SlidePresenter was able to transform digital knowledge transfer within the company.


Challenge: Basler Leben continuously develops its products, which is why the employees of more than 500 insurance agencies must be trained regularly.

Solution: The required trainings are recorded within short amounts of time by subject matter experts within the company, then produced and shared with the insurance agencies within moments using SlidePresenter.

Result: New content is created quickly, easily and without the need for professional equipment, then shared with the many insurance agencies Basler Leben works with. The employees are enthusiastic about the new format.

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„SlidePresenter helps us to spread the skills and knowledge of our specialists and to make thisinformation available on-demand to other employees. In this manner, the user can collect and expand their technical and sales expertise as needed. (...) SlidePresenter has met our intended purposes to our complete satisfaction.“

Lisa Kurz | Consulting Director @ Basler Leben


Find out today how you can continously update your distributed team about relevant product changes, too!

About the project

It was important for Basler Lebensversicherungs-AG to be able to provide product information to employees of their insurance agencies in addition to regular classroom trainings. Thus, the agencies should have continuous access to the most current documents and updates on existing and new products.

Five employees at Basler Leben took part in the recordings and received video training on the application beforehand. They were then able to create their own recordings. No professional recording studio was necessary for this. Instead, a suitable meeting room with good lighting and a standard-issue digital video camera were used. The employees of Basler Leben carried out the recording, editing, and synchronization themselves using the SlidePresenter application.

Hyperlinks within the trainings lead directly to downloadable corresponding documents in PDF and PowerPoint format. The finished product trainings are then published on Basler Leben‘s extranet and the agencies are informed via newsletter about new videos and presentations.

Why did Basler Leben choose SlidePresenter?

Ms. Lisa Kurz is employed as Consulting Director for Company Pension & Health Insurance specialists at Basler Leben.
We interviewed her about handling our application, use cases and the benefits of using SlidePresenter.

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