BPW Bergische Achsen KG

BPW Bergische Achsen KG used to coach their employees using complex face-to-face trainings.
Learn more about how SlidePresenter has helped to digitalize complex trainings in preparation for international trade fairs.

Executive Summary

Challenges: Before participating in a trade fair, BPW used to coach hundreds of employees from different countries. To do so, employees had to participate in daily face-to-face trainings that lead to high cost and time efforts for everyone involved. Most of the time, the content was presented under high time pressure, which did not preserve a lasting learning curve among the participants.

Solution: The company decided to digitalize the complex teaching processes with the help of SlidePresenter. In just 3 months, more than 100 videos were produced − in both German and English. The beauty of it: These eLearning videos are available for hundreds of international employees, simple and convenient via intranet. Due to the quiz functionality, learning success is measurable and controllable.

Result: SlidePresenter provided BPW with a time and cost saving alternative to the previous complex face-to-face training. Nowadays, SlidePresenter is also used in other BPW projects to create professional knowledge content, too.


“This software was so intuitive to handle, with such great usability, that employees did not just freely participated in using it, but got inspired to simplify the current processes.” 

Sabine Pflichtenhöfer | Head of HR Development @ BPW


Find out today how you can digitalize face-to-face trainings
with the help of easy-to-create video trainings.

About the project

BPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft, a global supplier in the commercial vehicle industry, was looking for a solution to train employees all over the world in an effective way before participating in trade shows.

They chose SlidePresenter to create multimedia videos in a quick and easy way which could be shared in an instance. To measure the learning success, each video training contained additional multiple choice questions that had to be answered correctly to continue the training.

As a result of a survey, it turned out that the employees were motivated to try the new learning method from the beginning. The survey included a rating system based on school marks. Another strong suit they mentioned was the “on demand” availability of the eLearning videos. This complimented their learning pace and allowed the participants to view the training at any time and from every device.

We are very pleased to announce that BPW Bergische Achsen KG was given the eLearning Award 2019 for the category “Rapid Authoring”.

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