More than 3.000 employees in 130 countries were instructed using inefficient classroom schoolings so far.
Read here how SlidePresenter was able to implement digital knowledge transfer at Döhler.


Challenge: To train more than 3.000 employees in 130 countries, Döhler focused on creating PowerPoint presentations that were difficult to find internally and turned out to be inefficient.

Solution: eLearning content is recorded, presented and enhanced by adding interactive elements with SlidePresenter. Afterwards, the finished trainings are provided internally “on demand” for every employee, regardless of their current location.

Result: The online trainings are more personal and easily comprehensible due to the embedded interactive elements. Furthermore, every employee can access relevant eLearnings − regardless of time, location or device.

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“SlidePresenter allows us to distribute knowledge better within the company as well as increase the efficiency of trainings. (...) Overall, the ease of use and the potential benefits offered have convinced us.“

Petra Koten | Human Resource Developer @ Döhler

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About the project

Döhler GmbH uses SlidePresenter within the corporate group to quickly and efficiently distribute knowledge to their employees across the world. They were especially interested in making eLearning content available permanently “on demand”. During the initial test, 350 employees were trained using our application, however, Döhler is planning to use SlidePresenter for instructing all of their 3.000 employees in the future. They are continously expanding their usage based on a department's demands.

Ms. Petra Koten and other employees are responsible for recording videos and synchronizing it with relevant PowerPoint slides using the SlidePresenter application. The video is usually recorded in an ordinary meeting room. To begin with, Döhler used a photo camera that was able to shoot videos, too, but later switched to a professional video camera.

Döhler especially values the “Chapters” functionality of SlidePresenter, as it allows for an easier navigation throughout the presentation.

For distributing the trainings, Döhler uses a custom SlidePresenter portal, adjusted to their Corporate Design. By using an individual log-in, employees can access an enclosed part of Döhler's website where they can watch the available online presentations at all times. Whenever a new training is uploaded, employees are informed about it via email.

Why did Döhler choose SlidePresenter?

Ms. Petra Koten is working as a Human Resources Developer for Döhler GmbH.
We interviewed her about handling our application, potential use cases and benefits of SlidePresenter.

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