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The customer was facing the challenge of introducing a scalable creation process for so-called “e-Seminars”.
Read here how SlidePresenter simplified the creation of knowledge content at Haufe Akademie.

Executive Summary

Challenges: The production of the previous “e-Seminars” was time-consuming, costly and not scalable, which is why the aforementioned division was not expanded further for the time being.

Solution: Speakers of the Haufe Akademie are recorded with off-the-shelf video equipment. Subsequently, a presentation is created by combining video recordings and slides. Afterwards, they're sold to other companies.

Result: The production process of e-Seminars is scalable due to SlidePresenter for the first time. High production costs for training courses are no longer a problem, as Haufe Akademie is able to create them quickly and cost-effectively.

"With SlidePresenter, we can provide our customers with knowledge across the board, in a quality that does justice to our claim as market leader. (...) With SlidePresenter, it was immediately clear that we would achieve economies of scale through a leaner workflow and thus a significantly better cost structure."

Peter Miez-Mangold | Head of e-Learning Solutions @ Haufe Akademie

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About the project

The Haufe Academie is the leading provider for professional development of employees and companies in German-speaking countries. Its consulting competence and services simplify the acquisition of skills and facilitate sustainable development. An extensive offer of seminars, qualification programs, training courses, conferences and congresses makes it possible to further develop the skillset of high-level employees.

SlidePresenter was introduced for the implementation of video-based learning modules (”e-Seminars”). The goal was to introduce a scalable creation process to enable high production rates in a short time with full cost control. The target group were companies that offer their employees access to digital learning content.

For the creation of the e-Seminars, speakers and coaches from the Haufe Akademie trainer pool are recorded. Since SlidePresenter is compatible with all camera types and video formats, the recording can easily be carried out by different camera operators with changing video equipment. The flexibility of the equipment and the choice of the producing employees saves time and costs.

After the recording, the video, slides and other learning materials are carefully combined into an e-Seminar. The training courses are integrated into the Learning Management System (”LMS”) of Haufe Akademie as SCORM modules. Upon booking, customers receive individual login data to register online in the ”LMS” and access the eLearning courses at any time and on all devices.

Why did Haufe Akadamie choose SlidePresenter?

Mr. Miez-Mangold is head of the e-Learning Solutions division at Haufe Akademie.
We asked him about the handling, benefits and use cases of SlidePresenter.

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