Toyota Germany

The car manufacturer was facing the challenge of training more than 5.000 employees working in 700 sites.
Read here how SlidePresenter was able to revolutionize digital knowledge transfer within the company.


Challenge: More than 5.000 employees working in 700 locations across Germany need to be trained regularly. So far, ongoing professional development was realized using time-consuming and cost-intensive classroom trainings.

Solution: The trainings are recorded in the German headquarter of Toyota in Cologne using basic video equipment. Afterwards, the presentations are processed in SlidePresenter and distributed via Toyota's own learning management system and their Intranet.

Result: Switching to online trainings lead to substantial cost savings. Furthermore, the workload of Toyota's trainers has been reduced enormously. They are fully satisfied with the innovative format!

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„SlidePresenter has given us the opportunity to use an innovative approach to communication and easily reach the 5,000 employees in the Toyota dealership network. The attractive formats, quick and easy creation, and convenient distribution of our digital training content with SlidePresenter were a main focus for us.“

Wolfgang Luxa | Trainer @ Toyota

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About the project

Around 5.000 employees in (approximately) 700 sites across Germany were previously trained using classroom trainings.

With SlidePresenter, the distribution of knowledge to Toyota's employees was accelerated enormously. Shorter classroom teachings are being digitized and made available on-demand. This is a huge relief for dealers and trainers, as otherwise, they have to prepare and participate in multiple-day classroom teachings.

eLearnings are created in the standard format of SlidePresenter, called Video & Slides. For this, the car manufacturer's coaches first perform their training courses in front of the camera in Toyota's headquarter. Afterwards, the presentation is processed in SlidePresenter.Recording and creating a presentation with SlidePresenter is handled by a changing number of employees. Due to the ease of use, every employee can start the creation process without prior knowledge. However, Toyota decided to participate in a SlidePresenter video coaching session on-site to receive valuable insights, tips & tricks.

The trainings are currently distributed using a direct link within an email that is sent out to all participants of a training module. The presentations immediately start playing after double-clicking on it. In the future, the trainings will also be made available in Toyota Connect, the company's own learning management system, using our SCORM integration. Furthermore, SlidePresenter allows embedding the trainings within the so-called "Black Board" (Intranet) or sending it out to Toyota's dealerships.

Why did Toyota choose SlidePresenter?

Mr. Wolfgang Luxa is working as a trainer for Toyota Germany.
We interviewed him about handling our application, potential use cases and benefits of SlidePresenter.

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