TÜV SÜD Academy

TÜV SÜD Academy had previously relied on classroom sessions for their professional training needs.
Discover how SlidePresenter made it possible to switch to “Blended Learning” courses.


Challenge: TÜV SÜD Academy offers training opportunities to employees, independents, and team leaders. Previously, these were realized by teaching participants in a centralized location for several days. TÜV SÜD Academy aimed at digitizing this process.

Solution: Using SlidePresenter, trainers turn their learning material into digital “learning nuggets” and enrich them with interactive elements. E-learning and traditional classroom teaching are then combined into “Blended Learning” courses.

Result: “Blended Learning” seminars have numerous advantages for participants. The number of hours a participant must spend on site was significantly reduced, since preparation and debriefing can be done via digital e-learnings available anywhere. In addition, it’s far less organizational effort for employers.


„The whole software is self-explanatory. There's no need for a manual, no need to watch tutorials. You just open it and start doing, produce content - and there's no training period.“

Adam Haranghy | „Blended Learning“ @ TÜV SÜD Akademie

Thomas Seidel & Adam Haranghy | Digital Transformation & “Blended Learning”

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