Effective Communication

Messages that are recognized. By everybody for everybody.

Send messages to your team or communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

Each message is tailored to your needs

Authors can decide themselves which medium and visualization works the best. Whether a screen-recording, video or audio.

Strike the right tone

Regardless of good or bad messages, internal or external recipients: a personalized message always strikes the right tone.

On-demand means the recipient is ready

Digitized communication means the message is accepted whenever the recipient is ready for it. Distractions are minimized.

No limits to the number of recipients

With SlidePresenter, you communicate with as many internal or external recipients as you want.

All media formats supported

Whether videos, screen-recording, audio-recordings or regular presentations: SlidePresenter can handle all of them in a single solution.

Scalable solution with no limits

With SlidePreseneter content is shared in just a few clicks: whether with 2 or 20,000 colleagues.

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