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SlidePresenter – data protection commissioner's favorite

SlidePresenter GmbH is a German company with many German and international clients who are global market leaders in a wide range of industries. Data security is our highest asset and our company’s key USP.

Our business focuses on the simplest possible way to enable our customers to produce digital content for training, communication and knowledge transfer. This content is created and managed independently by our clients and their employees.

Our security architecture is designed to minimize our clients' data in our system to accelerate their implementation processes from a privacy policy perspective.

This way we do not save any learning success data, no data from viewers or users of the training. We only save the training itself and normally just the access information of the creating employees (in the case of the Single Sign-On authentication this is also anonymized).

Nevertheless, we deliver data for individual learning success or learning status, for example to existing Learning Management Systems (LMS). This works because our content transmits the individual data via our player technology to the client's systems anonymously, but the client system can relate it.

Our security architecture is regularly rated as outstanding in client assessments. Find out more details regarding some of the key aspects below.

  • Conformitywith the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Swiss Data Protection Act(DSG)

    The technical and organizational security measures established by SlidePresenter go far beyond the requirements of the BDSG and the DSG and guarantee data security at the highest level.

  • Freeupdates

    All of our solution’s updates are included for free. Thus, you always have the latest software at your disposal, which then meets the latest security requirements. You do not have to do anything; We implement updates regularly and inform you in time.

  • Accessrestrictions / security by domain, IP, certificate / content protection

    Centralized security settings ensure that your content is seen only by the people and audiences you allow. On the one hand, these access restrictions can be inherited directly from existing systems (even without an integration requirement) via the domain restriction function. Only people who already have access to the system or a specific page in the system will be granted access.

    On the other hand, access restrictions can be set via IPs (for example, for individual or all locations of the company) or certificates. With centralized security settings, you can prevent human errors that lead to security vulnerabilities and save time setting up access restrictions and clearances.

    Basically, the SlidePresenter concept of central control prevents content from being downloadable and being available locally as a file. Thus, you always have control over your content and also have the advantage that you can make changes in no time, without having to touch all the files in each system used. Changing the original file will automatically update all links. This applies e.g. for SCORM files in your LMS or already sent links, too.

  • TLSor SSL encryption

    Both the production and the streaming of the content are completely encrypted.

  • ISOcertification

    Our application is operated in ISO-certified high-security data centers in Germany. Not only are our clients' data hosted in an extremely secure environment, they are also protected by professional standards that are subject to regular neutral controls.

  • Regularsecurity audits and penetration tests

    Our software is checked weekly by automated internal security controls. These also include penetration and vulnarability tests.

  • Backuproutines

    By regular backups we secure your data against loss.

  • Dataseparation and roles

    Within the application, we guarantee that the personal accounts are separated from each other through the built-in logic via a separate owner key. Access to your data by other accounts therefore is excluded.

    Within a client account, there may be different user roles. For example, the administrator will be able to view statistics.

  • BruteForce protection

    Our application is fully protected against brute force attacks. Two key features are:

    • - The number of login attempts per minute is limited
    • - The number of unsuccessful login attempts is monitored. In case of abnormalities, the data protection commissioner and the Security Councils are informed immediately.
  • Novendor lock-in

    Your data is yours. If you no longer want to work with us, there are various options how we can pass your data on to you. That way you can be sure that you do not get into any dependency relationship.

    In addition, SlidePresenter itself is independent of providers, so that price stability is given.

Do you have more questions regarding data security? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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