Enrich your content

After creating your video presentation, you can start enhancing your content.
Profit from time savings and increase the efficiency of your eLearning videos with our interactive features.

Arrows & Shapes

Show your viewers what's really important by highlighting your content with arrows, rectangles and circles.

Using different shapes, whose dimensions and colour you can adjust individually, you can steer the attention of your viewers - so that their focus remains on the key issues at all times.

By highlighting relevant content, your video presentation becomes even more vivid and easier to understand. This significantly increases the achieved learning effect.

Quizzes & Surveys

Ensure the learning success of your trainings
and collect valuable feedback from your participants.

You can add a quiz at any point in your video and document the results. This allows you to use individual quiz questions to test how well your employees have understood the content of a training course.

This function can also be used to conduct surveys to obtain feedback from your participants, for example by asking for criticism on your videos. The feature is as flexible as your ideas.

Individual “Learning Paths”

Customize the learning experience according to thethe personal knowledge level of your participants.

With the help of “Learning paths”, you can significantly increase the learning success of your video presentations by guiding your participants to the content relevant to them.

This works using our quiz functionality: After answering a quiz question, you can redirect the participants to a specific chapter
− based on the answer that they have chosen.


Create international and barrier-free communication.

Subtitles are the easiest way to make your videos available to the hearing impaired or to distribute them in different languages without having to find multiple speakers.

Within a few minutes, you can add subtitles to your videos and make them available to a wider audience..

Layout switch

Bring variety to your presentations and underline your most important topics.

The presented document does not necessarily have to be displayed in the same size as the video recording of the presenter. With a layout switch, consciously direct the attention of your target group towards specific topics. Change the size relation of video and slides or switch to one of the two formats in full screen mode.

Tip: Camera-shy employees can also display the slides in full screen mode by using the layout switch functionality. This way, they do not have to record themselves.


Provide your employees with the information they need.

If you share your video presentations with your staff, they are mainly interested in short learning units with information relevant to them.

With the help of chapters, you can divide your videos into short "learning nuggets" and enable your viewers to pick up information more easily and − if necessary − jump specifically to a certain topic they want to repeat.


Connect your video presentations with further content.

It's not always possible to convey all the required information in short video trainings. Therefore, you can include links or link areas in each of your video presentations that refer to other content, e.g. to other videos, to your intranet or to other websites.

This gives your viewers the possibility to deal with a topic in depth and to access all necessary materials.

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