• Creating contents

    What formats can be uploaded and edited with SlidePresenter?

    SlidePresenter supports all common file formats. These include: Adobe PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Open Office Writer as well as a wide range of image and video formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, ppt, pptx, pps, pdf, mkv, flv, avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, wmv, 3qp, 3q2, mov, ogv, mvb, doc, docx, odt, swx, sdw, odp, sxi, sdd, sdp.

    Do I have to install a program or software on my PC to be able to use SlidePresenter?

    SlidePresenter is a web-based software. This means that you don’t have to download any programs and then install them on your PC.

    What formats does SlidePresenter provide for?

    We make a wide range of formats available. In addition to our screen recording, you can also link slides with audio or video. You also have the option to make you own recordings and make them available as SlidePresenter contents.

    Can I record the videos for SlidePresenter myself?

    Yes, SlidePresenter accepts all common video formats. This means that you can record a video with any camera for use in SlidePresenter– irrespective of whether you do this with a mobile phone, a camera or your webcam. You can, however, also use video material from professional studio cameras and, say, work together with a trustworthy video service provider.

    What is the Composer?

    The Composer is our tool, which you can use to easily synchronize your presentation. Synchronize means that your slides are placed next to the recorded video.
    In addition, you can incorporate interactive elements (links, quizzes, etc.) in the Composer and place them at the desired spot.
    And the best thing about it? It’s all child’s play with drag & drop. Simply add the elements desired and place them on the timeline wherever you want.

    Do I need any special expertise to synchronize presentations with the Composer?

    You don’t need any special skills to create a SlidePresentation. With “drag & drop”, synchronizing the slides with the video is child’s play.

    Is it possible to upload more than one file at the same time?

    Yes, with SlidePresenter you can upload several files in parallel. Please note that the uploading speed depends on your internet connection.

  • Playing back contents

    In what format are the SlidePresenter videos presented?

    All video presentations are played back either in the HTML5 or Flash-Player. Our Player automatically recognizes the format that works best for the user. This way, we ensure playback on any device and in any browser.

    Is SlidePresenter also available in company networks?

    SlidePresenter is basically available anywhere. We possess a global high-availability infrastructure and use state-of-the-art techniques to transmit and playback the contents. As required, our on-premise solution allows for streaming directly from your servers.

    Is it also possible to view online SlidePresenter presentations on mobile devices?

    Thanks to our HTML5 Player, viewing our presentations on an iPad – as on all other tablet PCs – is a simple matter. The lean streaming means that presentations run smoothly when you’re out and about.

    What options are available to the user when viewing?

    Our Player does, of course, support full-screen mode. In addition, the viewer can also use HD mode for the playback. For slide- or document-based contents, the user can also select the contents view and, say, focus on the slides.

  • Providing contents

    Can I embed an online presentation into any website?

    Yes, you can embed into any website. SlidePresenter provides various options for this purpose.

    How can I integrate presentations or the SlidePresenter Player into my website?

    In your SlidePresenter account, you have the possibility to select various buttons or the SlidePresenter Player for integration into your website. The corresponding HTML code for the integration is directly automatically generated and can be directly inserted into your page with “copy & paste”.

    Can I incorporate SlidePresenter contents into my LMS (Learning Management System)?

    Yes! In your account, you have an option to download a SCORM file. Having done this, you can then incorporate it into your LMS.

    Which versions of SCORM does SlidePresenter support?

    SlidePresenter provides support for various versions of SCORM. As a result of this diversity, we are compatible with all systems.

    Does SlidePresenter also offer a video portal?

    Yes, our offer also includes an individual portal solution. For this purpose, please contact our Sales team. They will provide you with all the important details. You can contact us here: Contact

  • Security

    Do I have to order extra security options to ensure my data is protected? 

    Your data are protected as a matter of principle. Specific restrictions are available for you to control the extent the presentations are intended to be accessible to third-parties. We have already undergone a large number of security audits with our customers, all of which we have passed with flying colors. We would be delighted to get together with your IT department and discuss your requirements.

    How does the domain restriction work?

    The domain restriction protects you against your presentations appearing on unwanted websites. In this regard, when a presentation is called a check is made as to whether the website calling the presentation is actually authorized to call it. If this is the case, the presentation is displayed, otherwise (if the calling website is not authorized) the presentation is not displayed.

    Is my data in safe hands with SlidePresenter?

    For the purpose of saving data, SlidePresenter exclusively uses servers that are located in certified high-security computer centers in Germany.

    Can I also protect my presentation with SSL encryption?

    With the advent of enterprise packets, streaming via https (SSL encryption) is possible for all presentations. Please note: the use of this option requires your presentations to be embedded on a website equipped with SSL encryption – otherwise the security certificate would refuse to transmit the data.

  • Customer Success

    What does Customer Success stand for with SlidePresenter?

    With SlidePresenter, you always have a personal contact partner from Customer Success, who will always support you in the use of the software.

    What is so special about Customer Success with SlidePresenter?

    The personal Customer Success Manager is not only a contact partner to provide immediate help with suggestions or problems. Rather, he or she is also a provider of ideas and input as well as an active project partner.
    This means: you are faced with a particular problem to solve or task to implement and do not know how you should do it? Our contact partners give you ideas and suggestions how to implement it in SlidePresenter and accompany you through the project up to and including the completion of the result that is optimal for you.

    I would like to use SlidePresenter. How do I become familiarized with the software?

    With SlidePresenter, there is an individual "onboarding journey", which is precisely matched to your level of technical knowledge and your goals. It begins with a kick-off call, at which the functions of the application are explained and specific goals defined in a webinar with you. In the following weeks and beyond, you remain in contact with the Customer Success Manager and take part in other webinars, until you feel completely sure in handling the application by yourself.

    Even after the completion of the official journey, your Customer Success Manager remains in regular contact with you and accompanies you.

    I have concrete goals I would like to realize with SlidePresenter. How will I be supported in this process?

    With Customer Success, you always agree on the targets you would like to achieve with SlidePresenter. Your personal contact partner is always at your service and supports you as an active project partner with ideas and implementation possibilities, so that you reach your target in the time desired in an optimal way.

  • Training courses

    Does SlidePresenter offer a video training course for me or my colleagues?

    For an optimal beginning, SlidePresenter provides a video training course. This can take place directly in your company and – quite pragmatically – be combined with your first recording. Our video coach shows you all the tricks and tips on topics, such as camera techniques, lighting and sound. When the course is completed, you and your colleagues will be able to perform all the recordings independently.

    Where do the video training courses take place?

    All courses and trainings can be held both in our main office in Frankfurt and on your premises. A SlidePresenter video training course can therefore – quite pragmatically – be combined with your first recording. The costs for a video training course depend on the number of participants. Please contact us in this regard.

  • Prices

    How much does the SlidePresenter application cost?

    SlidePresenter costs approx. 30% less than comparable alternatives. SlidePresenter generally offers various packages to use the SlidePresenter application, which significantly differ in their functions and possible scope of training. The critical factor here is the cumulative duration of activated training videos. In order to do justice to your specific requirements, please contact us for an individual offer.

    Does the size of the files I upload or use affect the price of my SlidePresenter package?

    No. The size of the files uploaded is not an issue. The price of a packet is always the cumulative video length of the slide presentations activated.

    How long does my test account run for? And what range of functions does it offer?

    Your SlidePresenter test account automatically expires after 30 days. No further action on your part is required and there is no contractual commitment. During these 30 days, the unrestricted functionality of SlidePresenter is available to you.

  • Recordings and equipment

    What camera can I use to record with?

    For recording, we basically recommend a normal webcam for recordings, which is integrated into virtually every laptop. There is also no problem with using smartphones for recordings.

    On request, we would be delighted to provide you with a list containing recommendations that have worked well for us.

  • Customer Support

    What does SlidePresenter Customer Support do?

    Customer Support is your contact partner in relation to all technical questions and problems. Our expert colleagues promptly address your problems and find a solution.

    How do I reach SlidePresenter Support?

    You can reach SlidePresenter Customer Support either via the known hotline or directly by mail to: support(at)slidepresenter.com

  • Termination of contract

    What happens to my data if I terminate the contract?

    As a matter of principle, the contents are stored centrally; this allows the many intelligent functions. If you terminate the contract, we will come to an agreement with you as to what should happen to your data. In any case, you can continue to use your data.

    Can I continue to use the contents created after giving notice?

    Yes. Following your notice of termination, we discuss with you, in what form you would like to receive your contents. In this regard, there are various possibilities available, which depend on your technical requirements.

    How will my data be made available to me?

    We offer the following options for making your data available to you:

    • Export of the contents as video files: you receive the contents according to the selected format as a video file (e.g. slide and spoken video as a “picture in picture” in one video)
    • Export as a local version: here the contents are exported and made available to you according to your technical requirements. Server-dependent functions, however, are no longer available.
    • Inactive account: this account costs significantly less than a regular account and is only used to provide the contents, with all the benefits. A production or change of the contents, however, is no longer possible.
    • Raw data: you receive the raw data on an external fixed disk (videos, PPTs, metadata, timecodes, etc.).

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or write us a mail:

E-Mail: info(at)slidepresenter.com | Telephone: +49 (0) 69 430 082 300

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