• Creation of content

    Can I upload multiple files simultaneously?

    Yes, with SlidePresenter’s Upload Manager it is possible to choose multiple flies and upload them at the same time. This way, you are able to simply let the upload process run in the background.

    Can I record the videos to be used in SlidePresenter myself?

    Yes, SlidePresenter supports all video formats, which means that you can record with a camera of your choice- whether it’s a mobile, video, or point-and-click camera. Naturally you can also use video material from professional studio cameras, for example, from a professional video recording service.

    What do I need to use SlidePresenter?

    In order to use the SlidePresenter Software, you will need the following: internet access, (fast) DSL connection, PowerPoint, video material or a camera of your choosing, a web browser with Flash Player, and your own website (only necessary for specific integration needs).

    What is Composer?

    The composer is a tool that allows you to easily synchronize a presentation.

    What does it mean to “synchronize a presentation”?

    Synchronizing means that you are able to match up the video and its corresponding slides simply using drag and drop. You also have the possibility to add links and subtitles to the video and slides, and even the option to add a table of contents.

    Is it necessary to install another program on my computer in order to use the composer?

    No, because SlidePresenter is web-based software. What this means is that you don’t have to install any other software, just have access to Adobe Flash Player, which can already be found on most computers.

    Do I need any particular skills or training in order to synchronize a presentation with the composer?

    Using the composer is so easy and intuitive that you do not need any special skills or training to use it!

    How do I import a time code?

    In composer, click on the ‘Presentations’ button, and choose ‘Import Time Codes’ from the menu. From here you can change the timing of the film and import chapter titles. You can download an example in the Tutorials section of our website.

    Why does converting my PowerPoint files take longer than my PDFs?

    PowerPoint files utilize a variety of elements (graphics, fonts, etc.) that may cause the conversion to take a little longer. PDFs, however, are image files that only contain one graphic element per page, and therefore can be converted faster.

    After I uploaded my video, I saw a red ‘1’ and a notice to contact my administrator. What does this mean?

    This means that your video file was unable to be converted properly. For help with this, please contact our support.

    Why is the uploaded video or PowerPoint not converted?

    You may have a longer wait depending on the file type and size. If the file hasn’t been converted after 60 minutes, please contact our support.

    Is it possible to include multiple links in a video?

    You can simultaneously add multiple links as well as subtitles to the video. However, make sure that the presentation is clear and not confusing.

    What formats can I upload and edit within SlidePresenter?

    SlidePresenter supports all of the popular file formats. This includes: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, PowerPOint, Word, Open Office Writer, as well as multiple image and video formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, ppt, pptx, pps, pdf, mkv, flv, avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, wmv, 3qp, 3q2, mov, mvb, doc, docx, odt, swx, sdw, odp, sxi, sdd, and sdp

  • Sharing and Embedding

    Can I embed an online presentation onto any website?

    Yes, it is possible to embed SlidePresenter presentations onto any website.

    How can I integrate SlidePresenter Player or Presentations in my website?

    In your SlidePresenter account, you can choose to include multiple buttons or the SlidePresenter Player for integration onto your website. The HTML code for integration is generated automatically and can be copied and pasted directly into your site.

    Where can I find the embed codes?

    Embed codes are located in the ‘Presentations’ section. Just click on the desired presentation and select “embed” from the right-side menu. If you would like to embed your presentation using a button, click “button”. The code shows up below. You can also copy the code for the player or a SCORM package for use with your LMS.

    Why aren’t embed buttons displayed when I select a presentation in my account?

    Please check to see if JavaScript is blocked. If that’s the case, just activate it. If this does not help, please contact our support team.

    Why does an error message show when I try to view a presentation that I have embedded on my SSL-encrypted website (https://)?

    When you chose your embed code, make sure to use the SSL option. This option is enabled and activated through your individual SlidePresenter package.

    What are the advantages of offering a presentation through a channel?

    With a channel, you can distribute and provide presentations based on your own website with your own CI.

    Can I customize the design of my channel with my own corporate design?

    Channels offer a variety of options when it comes to customization based on your corporate design.

    What aspects of my channel design can I control?

    You can determine the color of the text and boxes, as well as the background, header, and logo image itself. You are also able to add text, news, and integrated presentations.

    Do I need to make the channel myself?

    You are welcome to customize the channel, but if you would rather, our team would be happy to do it for you.

    Can I include my channel on my own website?

    Of course! You can do this using a library, which you can embed using and embed code, or you can bind the channel to your website using iFrame. If you need any help with this, our support team would be happy to assist.

    Do all of my synchronized online presentations on the SlidePresenter platform have to be published?

    No, there is a visibility setting within your SlidePresenter account, which you can used to adjust the visibility for each presentation individually.

  • Video Player

    How do the videos on SlidePresenter run so smoothly?

    SlidePresenter has a worldwide high-availability infrastructure and uses real-time streaming. This is high quality and it makes it easy to navigate through videos without waiting for them to load, unlike in with other formats.

    Can SlidePresenter also be used in corporate networks?

    SlidePresenter can be used just about everywhere. In some exceptions, the streaming protocol used by SlidePresenter may be blocked by a firewall in the company. In this case, you can simply disable the Flash Plug-ins temporarily in the SlidePresenter HTML5 player.

    Can SlidePresenter presentations be viewed on tablets?

    Thanks to the HTML5 Player, SlidePresenter’s presentations can be viewed on both PC-tablets and iPads with no problem, even on the go!

    In what format are SlidePresenter’s videos displayed?

    All of the video presentations play using either Flash Player version 10.2 or higher or HTML5. This allows SlidePresenter to be viewed using almost any device with Internet access.

    What is an HTML5 Player?

    HTML, to put it simply, is a text-based programming language. HTML5 is the most recent version that offers new functionality (video, audio, etc.) that is not supported with HTML4. One such example were the plug-ins that were often necessary to run internet based videos with Adobe Flash Player. The HTML5 Player allows SlidePresenter presentations to be viewed from anywhere, not matter what internet-ready device you are using.

    Why isn’t my presentation playing after I open it? I’m seeing the error message, “Unknown Error”.

    Please check and see if the presentation was activated, if not, please activate it. If the error message continues even if the presentation is activated, please contact our support. Our staff will gladly work with you to resolve the issue.

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