The process of knowledge building in companies usually costs a lot of time and effort. Microlearning enables easier learning processes and reduced costs. Experts of Learning Delphy by MMB share the opinion that microlearning gets more and more important. Read about all the advantages in this blog post.

Right now, if companies talk about training it is usually about a courses or seminars. A possibility which is more flexible and where the contents are available any time would be a better solution.

Microlearning: superior for employees and companies

A new method, microlearning, helps to overcome these obstacles. Different to seminars, the content is divided into smaller pieces. The knowledge material is summarized in small and memorable videos.

As the content is archived online, there are more advantages compared to face-to-face training. First, the trainee is able to obtain the study matter whenever there is time. If there is a specific problem, the learner always has the right information available. Second, if there is any kind of ambiguity, the learner can easily watch the learning content again. Furthermore, there are no travel costs anymore.

Improved retrievability of knowledge content

Different from seminars with a rather static procedure, employees can access small learning nuggets way faster. Video platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo are integrated in our consumer behavior. This is why short video sequences are more intuitively suitable for learning. Moreover, these learning nuggets help employees to remember the learning content, as the attention is significantly higher if the employee gets the chance to decide freely when to watch the content.

Learning material can easily be updated

One more thing: Updating existing learning content is very uncomplicated. Instead of recording long videos again, smaller teaching videos can be updated fast.

Moreover, knowledge of employees is preserved easily via microlearning. Due to the easy control, experts from different departments are able to share their knowledge as well. Like this, best practices and expert knowledge stay permanently in the company.