Trainings for manufacturers
- quick and comprehensible!

The creation of machinery trainings or safety briefings doesn't have to be complicated. Quite the contrary: We offer a solution for your production department that will help you save time and costs while creating attractive eLearning courses.

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Challenges in the
manufacturing environment

  • Tutoring thousands of professionals: Training countless professionals on how to use certain technical devices and machines is challenging to organize.
  • Highly complex contents: Conveying relevant content without visual support or the possibility of applying the knowledge immediately is a tough task, which is why a lot of organizations still stick to inefficient classroom trainings.
  • High time investment: Due to the high complexity of the content and the number of employees that need to be instructed, creating comprehensible eLearning courses is a time-consuming task. Additionally, you need in-depth know-how about the content you're explaining and about the mostly complex tools.

An innovative and simple tool can help you tackle these challenges and benefit from time and cost savings!


Case Study: „Toyota“
Toyota Germany uses SlidePresenter to create trainings for 5.000 employees at once and to inform their professionals about current developments while benefitting from time and cost savings. Read more in the case study.

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Why use SlidePresenter for your trainings?

You're curious why you should choose our solution for creating, presenting and distributing e-learning courses for your devices and machines?
We'll gladly introduce you to the benefits of our application.

Ease of use

Every member of your organization can create valuable training lessons and
eLearning courses in no time - without receiving any initial training.

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Accelerate your processes! Create trainings up to 90% faster in comparison to other solutions - there's no need to brief an external agency.

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It doesn't matter what kind of training you're creating: Our multimedia file format allows you to share your content with your colleagues within seconds.

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Our application in action

Take a look at the video to get an impression on how you could realize an introduction into one of your production machines with SlidePresenter, and which additional functions you can benefit from.

Use Cases in Manufacturing

Are you still uncertain how our solution can simplify your everyday work?
We will gladly introduce you to several of our client's use cases.

  • Device and machinery trainings

    In short training sessions that can be accentuated with video recordings, newcomers can be introduced to functionalities of your machinery - without having to organize an ineffective classroom schooling in a noisy production hall.

  • Reporting issues

    Our solution allows you to report flawed processes in the production area. With SlidePresenter, you can easily create video recordings of any issues with the machinery to simplify the reporting and increase the understandability. Additionally, your employees can suggest possible solution approaches.

  • Connecting with a „QR“ code

    Attaching a QR code to machines on your manufacturing floor enables your employees to access trainings and updates with a tablet or smartphone precisely when they need to use that piece of equipment.

  • „Learning Stations“

    You can place a portable computer in your production area, that can be used collaboratively as a so-called „Learning Station“. There, your employees can access your trainings in no time whenever an urgent question arises. 

A selection of our clients

Countless clients in the manufacturing industry already use SlidePresenter for the
quick and easy creation of eLearning courses and trainings.

Use SlidePresenter to train your employees

Find more use cases, best practices and news about our application
to give you a better impression on how SlidePresenter can be used in your organization.

„Best of“ - Industriepreis 2017

SlidePresenter was awarded the Industry Award (2017) in category „Best of“. We are happy about the accolade given out by industry experts.

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Are you trying to digitize your processes?

Whether you're using Total Quality Management, Lean Management or Six Sigma: We'll gladly provide you with relevant Best Practices.

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„Anbieter des Jahres“ (2018)

SlidePresenter has been awarded the title „Provider of the Year“ by CHECK.point eLearning in the category „Authoring Tools“

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