The intuitive authoring tool
for user-generated video content

Are you looking for an authoring tool that allows you to quickly and easily record learning content and deliver it with just a few clicks? Then you’ve come to the right place!

With SlidePresenter, you empower all employees to easily turn their knowledge into attractive video content and share it as needed in your LMS, LXP, Intranet or via link in many other systems.

Discover now the most intuitive authoring tool the corporate learning world has to offer.

Customized video learnings
created in minutes

Imagine you are faced with the decision to learn a new skill using either a multi-page text document or a short video learning nugget. Which would you choose? 

That’s right, SlidePresenter! With our intuitive authoring tool, you and your colleagues can create, edit, and interact with user-generated video content in minutes without any technical knowledge – and even in cooperation with the whole team thanks to smart collaboration features!

The use cases are as diverse as your requirements: from quick click instructions to internal onboarding and product training to interactive e-learning. 

E-Learnings and video content shared with just one click

The best learning content can only be effective if it can be found quickly by all employees and is available at the exact moments they need it. 

SlidePresenter allows you to easily and intuitively integrate via link, HTML code or remote SCORM into your LMS, LXP, intranet or other systems.

Streaming content distribution makes updates easier than ever by ensuring effortless decentralized content updates directly from author accounts – no need to re-export and re-import files. 

The intuitive operation and versatility of SlidePresenter allow our customers to quickly expand their use scenarios beyond the pure creation of e-learnings.

The SlidePresenter video platform can be docked on a modular basis for the simple and central retrieval of more and more knowledge and communication content. In this way, you turn every employee into a knowledge carrier and move in big steps towards a corporate culture of knowledge transfer. Learn more now. 

The most important features and benefits at a glance

Make knowledge transfer easier than ever with SlidePresenter: Thanks to the intuitive user interface, not only L&D experts can share knowledge, but the entire team.

Enable self-directed and continuous learning in your company with comprehensibly prepared video knowledge content.

Save the resources of your L&D department by integrating all your employees into the operational knowledge transfer.

SlidePresenter is designed for all scopes of use, from a single use case in one department to global use for knowledge transfer and communication.

More than 650 customers already benefit from the intuitive video creation with SlidePresenter!

In market-leading companies across many industries, subject matter experts are already producing their own user-generated video content with SlidePresenter to share their knowledge quickly and easily. When do you start?

Sounds good to you?

We would be happy to show you in a personal appointment how you and all your colleagues can easily and intuitively turn your valuable knowledge into attractive video nuggets and share them within the company. We look forward to your inquiry.