Do you still remember those times when important information could only be looked up in books? Thank goodness things have changed since then – especially our way of learning! A trip to the library is no longer necessary when searching for important information. Nowadays, the information we need is no more than a few clicks away.  

And it is not just the path to our knowledge that has changed, but also the format. Instead of text-heavy information, so-called learning nuggets have become one of the biggest trends in e-learning. These are small video learning units that answer your employees’ questions – briefly and to the point. 

Say goodbye to long training courses or numerous written documentations and hello to easily digestible knowledge snacks. Got curious? In the following, we give you 7 great reasons why learning nuggets will take your corporate knowledge transfer to the next level!


1. Learning nuggets are fast and easy to produce

Learning nuggets are short videos that address various questions in an understandable way. That enables authors of training videos to focus on the essentials. Unlike complex e-learning units, less preparation is required and a lot of time is saved by the creators. This means that the content is available more quickly and can be learned faster while the author can already produce further learning nuggets. So, time pressure is no longer an issue when it comes to producing new learning content.  

2. Knowledge can be gained faster and more sustainably

Not only the video production takes less time when offered as short learning nuggets. The flexibility that comes with microlearning content means significant time savings for the learners as well. The waiting time between two meetings or the minutes before lunch break can now be used to learn something new or find the answers to current questions. And even idle times on business trips can be filled with snacking the latest learning nuggets!  

3. Information is available exactly when it is needed

In a face-to-face training session, several employees come together to listen to a presentation on a problem that usually does not (yet) affect them acutely. When the relevant information is needed, the employee often no longer has it in mind (we all know this, don’t we?). But how can knowledge content be made available in such a way that employees can access it and work with it at any time? The simple solution is to archive consumable learning nuggets on a video platform, in a LMS or on the intranet so that every colleague can access them exactly when they need to solve a problem. In this manner, the way of learning that your employees already know from their private lives, such as googling a question or watching a video tutorial, can simply be transferred to their professional learning environment. 

4. Learning nuggets are easier to find

Even if corporate trainings are available digitally, lengthy videos have a decisive disadvantage: If a wide range of content is covered, every question will be answered somewhere, but your employees will have difficulties to find what they are specifically looking for in their moments of need. On the one hand, this can be solved with chapter headings that make it possible to jump back and forth between different topics. But the search effort is much lower if your team can work with clearly sorted learning nuggets, each of which answers a common question or solves a specific problem.  

5. Improved learning effects

Learning nuggets offer a whole new level of freedom when it comes to scheduling education time. That way your employees learn more flexibly. What’s more: They also learn a lot more efficiently. Information is better retained because it is directly related to everyday work and is also absorbed when the learner is most receptive to new content – that being the exact moment when he or she needs it. This increases attentiveness and thus the learning resultIn addition, videos appeal to multiple senses simultaneously and meet the needs of multiple learning types at the same time. That makes streaming a perfect form of learning in our digitalized society! 

6. Updates can be implemented at any time

Even though it is technically possible to adapt a long video training in the light of new developments, it is a time-consuming process. This is not least because a long video can be more difficult to manage and after a certain time even the authors no longer have a full overview of what needs to be corrected. Learning nuggets, however, allow the author to replace an old video with a quickly produced new one, so that a specific topic can be updated while the rest of the existing video nuggets remain untouched.   

7. Every employee can share his or her knowledge

Tools for creating learning nuggets are usually very much simpler in structure than editing software for video projects and require less hardware for video production. As a result, employees can share their knowledge with colleagues and need no extensive technical training to do so. This allows experts and professionals, whose knowledge is often only available to themselves, to archive and share it. Best practices, tips and experiences can easily be exchanged among colleagues, problems can quickly be solved and your workflow can flow on 😉 

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