Measure learning success

Measure the learning success of your employees and always keep track of which of your
video presentations lead to the desired learning success and which you can further optimize.


Find out which of your videos are opened and watched.

Our statistics show you how many of your employees have watched which video presentations and responded to them using the form functionality. You can also evaluate the learning success of your online trainings by taking a look at the answers submitted to your quizzes.


Collect opinions and information from your participants.

You have the option to display an individualizable form at the end of your video presentations. You can use this form, for example, to collect ideas, ask for opinions from your participants or find a common date for a meeting.

Participant database

Keep track of your participants
− even without a Learning Management System.

All participants who fill out a form are stored in a secure database that only you can access. This way, you can manage, evaluate and export the participant data without the need for an “LMS”.


Add automatically generated certificates to your eLearning videos to confirm participation.

You can also use our forms functionality to attach a certificate to your video presentations. The participants of your online training courses have the option to fill out a form at the end of the presentation and will then receive a personalized certificate, which can be saved to prove their participation in the learning module.

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