The market never stands still – and neither does SlidePresenter. We have some new functionalities for you in our newest release. The most exciting are auto-creation of chapters in your video, and a significant improvement on our two-factor authentication.

Automatically Create Chapters

If you use slides for your video, you can now automatically create chapters with just one click based on the titles of your slides. If one of your slides doesn’t have a title, it will not generate an additional chapter.

Improved Two-Factor Authentication and Administrative Rights

We have significantly improved our two-factor authentication for logging into the SlidePresenter app. This functionality is optional. You can either continue to use a single login or you can activate two-factor authentication for your account. If you’re interested in using this update in security, please feel free to contact us.

Two-factor authentication SlidePresenter

In addition, administrators can now see the security profiles for each user’s presentations. This way, they will be able to see who can and can’t see a specific presentation.

Create Presentations Without Distractions

In order to improve your concentration on your video presentations and ensure that you have the focus to intrigue your audience, the interface will now automatically switch to full screen as soon as you start recording.

In addition to these functionalities, we have optimized various processes and made small improvements.

We want to make you more successful! Tell us what you’re using SlidePresenter for and also which improvements and additions would help you transfer your knowledge. This way we can support you even better.