Your data’s safety is important to us! The fact that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is currently top-of-mind was our motivation to highlight once again the data security of the SlidePresenter application.

Keeping our client’s data from falling into the wrong hands is one of our chief concerns. That is why we regularly commission so-called penetration tests that examine our website and our application and help us maintain our high security standards. This helps us ensure that we can continue to provide the highest degree of (data) security for our clients. The most recent pentest has now confirmed our high standards for the application and website – and thus for our clients’ sensitive information.

What Is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test is a security check on a network or software system performed by a licensed IT security provider. It tests how vulnerable the software is to malign attacks from hackers. A “pentest” can identify any weaknesses in the IT infrastructure. This supports organisations in actively closing these gaps in safety, and ensures that hackers have no opportunity to strike.

How Is a “Pentest” Carried Out?

A standard penetration test consists of the following phases:
Phase 1: The external IT security provider collects essential and all relevant information about the system to be tested. For this they use information that is publicly available.
Phase 2: The experts identify any possible entry points for a data breach or hacker attack. In this phase, they actively interact with the IT infrastructure in order to find weaknesses in the software through which a hacker might invade the system.
Phase 3: If any security gaps are discovered, they are specifically exploited to penetrate the system that is being tested. Often new targets to be considered are only discovered after the system has been successfully compromised.
Phase 4: The results of the test are summarized and documented in a final report in order to realistically assess the security status. The report also serves as a basis for the subsequent repair of any weak points.

How Did SlidePresenter Do On the Pentest?

Our most recent pentest has confirmed that SlidePresenter offers the highest security standards. Specifically, this means that:
• Our clients’ sensitive data is safe
• The system has no weak points
• Both the website and the application conform to a high level of security

The pentest was carried out by the independent IT security provider “Secuvera” who has been certified by the Federal Office for Information Security.

What Else Is SlidePresenter Doing To Keep Your Data Safe?

Besides TLS or SSL encryption, brute force protection and other security measures, we actively follow the principle of data avoidance and data economy. We collect only that personal data which is absolutely necessary for using SlidePresenter.

This is the information we save:
• Login data to the account
• Presentations

We do not save:
• Viewer or consumer data for your presentations

What is encrypted and transferred, then decrypted by the Learning Managements System:
• Data on your employee’s learning progress
• Statistics

Furthermore, all personal data is anonymized before it is transferred.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with more detailed information on the most recent penetration test. In addition, you go here to read all about how SlidePresenter ensures the security of your data.

We’re delighted about this positive result and are constantly working on continuing to provide our customers with a secure solution to create and distribute their online trainings.

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