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Sven Robin  (Aareal Bank | HR Consulting & Development)

Case Studies

Customer Case Study Toyota Germany - Knowledge Transfer for 5000 employees
Learn in this Case Study, how Toyota Germany easily generates video- and audio-based knowledge content internally and distributes it to its staff through various channels. Thanks to the easy handling of SlidePresenter, Toyota can assign changing subject matter experts  with content creation. In addition Toyota Germany benefits from time and cost savings for participants and trainers. 
Customer Use Case Basler Insurance - Product Sales Trainings
See in this example how Basler Life Insurance provides Product Sales Training to the employees from around 500 Insurance agencies in Germany.
Customer Use Case Döhler Inc - 5 to 6 times faster Training Rollout and permanent Availability of relevant Knowledge
Learn in this case study how Döhler improved training efficiency through an increased roll-out speed and permanent on-demand availability of relevant knowledge for over 3000 employees worldwide.
Customer Use Case Lufthansa City Center - Permanent Availability of internal Knowledge
Learn in this case study how Lufthansa City Center achieves permanent availability of internal knowledge for all 5500 staff of its global travel agency network.
Pharma Relations Article - Use of SlidePresenter by Sanofi
Read in this article, how Sanofi is using SlidePresenter for corporate training and what the resulting benefits are.

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