At SlidePresenter, we are ringing in the year 2019 with a new release. This time, we’ve focused on enhancing our quiz functionality so that you can use it for an even greater variety of purposes. We’ve also made the video player easier to navigate by adding a new button.

Designing “Learning paths” with the help of quizzes

In “Edit” mode, you now have a new option: You can redirect the participants of your video trainings to a specific chapter after they have answered a quiz question – based on the answer that they have chosen.

This new function allows you to create individual learning paths for your viewers.

Individual learning paths let you significantly increase your video trainings’ learning success. You can guide your participants to the content most relevant to them depending on their quiz answers. This creates a learning experience tailored to each participants’ individual knowledge level and training needs.

The use cases for this new functionality are virtually unlimited. We are looking forward to hearing which scenarios you have realized with our improved quiz functionality!

Easier navigation within the video player

The new “Rewind” button in the video player allows you to quickly jump back 10 seconds in the presentation. This makes it easier to repeat important content in order to increase the learning effect that’s achieved.

Our goal is to create the fastest and simplest solution to create and share eLearning videos. To ensure that we can constantly improve our application, your feedback is important to us. Tell us how you use SlidePresenter and which features you would like to see in the future.