The latest release of SlidePresenter has arrived – and with it a new feature that allows you to gain the attention of your viewers even faster . Have you also noticed that the interface of our application has changed slightly? We’ll show you the exciting things that have happened over the last few weeks!

Add shapes and highlight content

You already know the function of PowerPoint & co.: Adding shapes such as rectangles, circles and arrows!

With SlidePresenter it is now possible to show and hide different shapes. This not only has a positive effect on the learning effect, but also allows some design options, making your video presentation even more vivid and easy to understand. Note: These shapes can be applied not only to your documents, e.g. PowerPoint slides, but also to your video and screen recordings.

With the new shapes you can e.g. …

    • explain the operation of machines even better by marking certain parts of the device in the video in order to explain them in more detail in the adjacent slide.
    • hide critical data during screen captures.
    • mark the points on your PowerPoint slides that you are currently exploring in your video.

As always, there are no limits to the possible applications. Just try it out and let us know what you are using our new function for!

In the following example video we show you how the whole thing can look like:

Barrier-free video creation

Following our motto “Easy for everyone” we have worked on the accessibility of SlidePresenter, so that really everyone can digitize and share their knowledge in the shortest time.

In accordance with the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” (WCAG), we have simplified the legibility and navigability of our application by optimizing the color contrast and font size. This and the adapted zoom function make it easier for people with disabilities to create video presentations.

Can you tell the difference?


What do you think about our new function and the accessibility gained within our application? We look forward to your feedback!