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Over 650 market-leading companies in numerous industries already successfully rely on knowledge transfer from employees for employees – and on SlidePresenter. Through individual use cases and personal feedback, every customer actively helps shape our solution and makes it what it is today.

In the following, we would like to give you an insight into some of our most exciting projects –
and what better way to do that than via SlidePresenter videos.

SlidePresenter meets Atruvia

How do you empower over 4,800 employees to actively participate in knowledge transfer, to create and share their own knowledge content? Olaf Jendrasik, Principal Expert for Learning Methodology and Didactics, Vanessa Otman and Jacqueline Peters, E-Learning Producer and Consultants at Atruvia, the digitalization partner of the Genossenschaftliche Finanzgruppe, explain.

See in the video how SlidePresenter supports subject matter experts at Atruvia in creating their own content, what is important for a successful rollout of a new solution, and why a strong team that closely supports its employees is essential.

SlidePresenter meets HDI

How do you create the right mindset in your workforce for a modern and digital learning culture? As a Learning Expert at HDI Global SE, Shakya Udugama not only knows the answer to this question, but has many more important insights and best practices up his sleeve.

A key driver of Shakya’s work is his belief that people are a company’s most valuable resource. That’s why he and his team want to empower all employees to create and share their own knowledge content. Watch the video to learn how Shakya and his team are making their vision a reality with SlidePresenter and how successful employee-generated content already is at HDI Global.

SlidePresenter meets Worldwilde Mindset

No learning without unlearning: If you want to establish a successful learning culture in your company in the long term, you have to make room for new things, Janine Hämmerle knows. As an unLearning consultant/facilitator and founder of Worldwilde Mindset, Janine supports companies in offering sustainable and collaborative learning formats and making corporate learning fit for the future.

Find out what the biggest challenges of L&D managers are, why the involvement of all employees in knowledge transfer is so important and how SlidePresenter helps to live a modern and successful learning culture.

SlidePresenter meets Tafel Deutschland

As part of the project “Tafel macht Zukunft – gemeinsam digital”, the “eco-Platform” has been under development since 2019.

We asked Regina Treutwein, head of the project at Tafel Deutschland e. V., how the “eco-Platform” is helping to digitalize food rescue and how SlidePresenter is helping to make food banks fit for the future. You can find all the answers in the video.

If you want to learn more about SlidePresenter’s collaboration with non-profit organizationsclick here.

Aareal Bank

Sven Robin | HR consulting & development

Generali Versicherungen

Thomas Marschall & Alois Gschrey | Field Service & Personnel Development

TÜV SÜD Akademie

Thomas Seidel & Adam Haranghy | Digital Transformation & Blended Learning

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