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There are jobs where every day is like Monday – and then there’s SlidePresenter! We are happy to come in after the weekend, because we do not only meet colleagues, but friends! Together we celebrate the motto “No way for no way” and get great things going! Sounds exciting? Then check out what our team members have to say about SlidePresenter – because they are the ones who make our company what it is!

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Team Marketing | On board since 2022

"From the beginning, I felt like my potential was seen at SlidePresenter – and not just my previous work experience."


Team Sales | Dabei seit 2012

"At SlidePresenter, learning is our core business. This also applies to the employees. In addition to super training opportunities, every colleague comes with knowledge and experience, from which everyone can benefit.



Team Customer Success | On board since 2021

"At SlidePresenter, every day is different. But thanks to the great support of the whole team, I feel ready for any challenge that is about to come."


Team Product | On board since 2021

"People have different ways of working to achieve the best result. At SlidePresenter, this is not only accepted, but encouraged. The result is highly motivated employees and a great product – a classic win-win situation!"



Team Development | On board since 2019

"Trust and passion are essential for successful collaboration. Especially if you're the head of a team hat is connected remotely. In any case, we want to achieve the best result."


Team Customer Success | On board since 2017

"What I love about SlidePresenter is that I continue to learn every day. The high focus on coaching and feedback within the company is great!"


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Doreen Strauß
Team Lead People & Culture


Sascha Pfleging
Recruiting Manager