At SlidePresenter, we always used the latest technology and the latest application components for our product. The control of the webcam and the microphone for our direct recording function happens by default via the MediaRecorder API.
However, some (old) browsers cannot execute this API and have used Flash as an alternative so far.

This will no longer be possible in the future.
The Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued in January 2021 and its execution will even be blocked.

If you use Internet Explorer, Edge Legacy (version 18 and older) or Safari (version 14 and older) with standard settings as your browser, there may be restrictions on the use of SlidePresenter.


Switch to the latest version of the browser
Edge or


With the current versions of the Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser, you can continue to use SlidePresenter without restrictions in the future – and exploit the full potential of our solution.


If you have any questions – or technical challenges – we will be happy to help you: Call + 49-69-4300823-00 or write to