Our SlidePresenter history

It all started with an idea!

We are in the year 2011. In a Frankfurt apartment on the fourth floor – right above a Joey’s pizza place – Sebastian Walker is spending his days consulting companies on matters of e-collaboration. More specifically, how productivity can be improved by using web-based tools to replace in-person exchanges with virtual meetings. 

From today’s perspective, that does not seem too forward-looking but back then, it was rather visionary. Especially considering that the Zoom meeting software company was just founded that year in California.

So there Sebastian was trying to educate corporations about their digital transformation at the workplace – a topic that a small virus from China should make infamous around a decade later. 

But back then, Sebastian was thinking even further ahead: What if companies were able to preserve knowledge, provide it to their employees when needed and eliminate endless recurring web meetings or hours of in-person meetings?

His head started spinning and the idea of SlidePresenter was born. 

To bring his idea to life, Sebastian started the development of a SlidePresenter prototype, a website and a business plan while keeping his consultancy business afloat. 

Soon the SlidePresenter team was growing which lead to five people sitting in Sebastian’s living room and huge piles of folders around his bed. The next logical step followed – the first SlidePresenter office on the lower floor of a high-rise building in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. 

2012 – one year after its foundation – SlidePresenter’s innovative approach was recognized with the Founder’s Prize of the Economic Development Agency. 

Focusing on conference and trade fair companies, SlidePresenter saw an impressive success in its first year and attracted the interest of investors. An important step in so many startup histories – but in retrospect not the right one for SlidePresenter as it turned out that the current business model did not scale up.

"Founding a startup is like jumping out of a window with a bedsheet trying
to create a parachute before you hit bottom!"

Startup struggles

Turbulent times followed. While today there is an extensive community of fellow founders, consultants and investors, Frankfurt in 2012 was pretty much a wasteland in terms of startups. What is known as product-to-market fit and growth hacking in every startup textbook was not widely known back then. 

This is why Sebastian developed his own analytical and strategic methodologies based on his 
extensive consultancy skills and experience to find out what SlidePresenter was missing so that companies would chase him and not the other way around.

With his new market positioning, Sebastian and SlidePresenter were once again ready for take-off in 2013. This time, not only in Germany but also across the big pond thanks to funding by the “German Silicon Valley Accelerator” program. 

Sebastian did not get to enjoy much of the Californian sun or lifestyle, however, as two simultaneous entries in markets with a nine-hour time difference meant he was taking on two full-time jobs often working 23 hours. Something that was in hindsight neither a good basis for a sustainable growth of SlidePresenter nor particularly healthy for its founder. This is why, the only sensible choice was to return back to SlidePresenter’s roots in Germany and to fully commit to the market there.

Business picks up

Finally, SlidePresenter’s first clients were starting to pour in helping Sebastian to further promote and sell his software solution. In 2016, SlidePresenter was the first German company to ever win the bsoco Award in the category “Rapid Learning” followed by being nominated “Best of” at the Industry Award 2016. 
In that same year, SlidePresenter was able to quadruple its monthly recurring revenue thanks to continuous customer growth and a focus on high capital efficiency.

From then on, the only way for SlidePresenter was up – in the truest sense of the word as new office spaces were rented a couple of floors above the small office from the beginning days.

The company was growing, not only spatially but in terms of staff, customers and revenues. In addition, the awards kept flowing in with another “Best of” at the Industry Award 2017 and several eLearning Awards over the years.

SlidePresenter today - a success story

Today, SlidePresenter is the leading enterprise video platform for employee-generated learning. Fueled by the shifts in global working environments included  hybrid work and a growing number of new employees used to learning with YouTube, L&D and HR decision-makers recognize the massive relevance and benefit of employee-generated video content. That is why, already over 600 market leaders from all industries put their trust in SlidePresenter and its innovative video platform. 

SlidePresenter is a thriving company with around 50 employees based in Germany and worldwide which has been growing profitably and organically around 50 percent in monthly recurring revenues from year to year. And there is no end in sight!

Award-winning solution

600+ satisfied customers

Renowned top employer

No stopping now - big plans for the future

And while companies are starting their journey from text-based communication towards innovative knowledge transfer with SlidePresenter today, Sebastian is yet again thinking one step ahead.

With technological progress taking place exponentially, the pace in which people have to obtain, understand and process information will be significantly increasing. It is thus Sebastian’s conviction that people must be provided with helpful, easy to consume knowledge in the exact moment and place when and where they are facing a problem.

It is Sebastian’s vision to truly revolutionize the way people learn and exchange their knowledge. And to drive global democratization of knowledge by bringing it to people no matter their background, status and education. A cause well worth working for and an exciting outlook for the next years of SlidePresenter’s future!