Knowledge is power. This statement is often thrown around quite carelessly when it comes to emphasizing the importance of knowledge. But why exactly is knowledge equivalent to power? The reason is simple: Because we can only do something if we know how. Thus, we can only take actions and take on responsibility (or power, if you will) if we have the right knowledge at hand. 

This applies to our private as well as to our professional lives. Especially in the context of work it is important to progress and advance if we want to get ahead in our careers. Nevertheless, it is astonishing how much knowledge is lost in companies because employees cannot find it. Either it is hidden in the heads of colleagues, who then have to share it repeatedly with those who are in need of it. Or it may have been written down but then not appropriately filed and shared. And even if the needed information is available to all employees in an LMS or another source, they often tend to be too extensive and might not immediately answer the question that is currently holding up your employee’s work.  

We hardly need to emphasize that this type of learning is not fun for anyone: neither for the colleagues who want or need to share their knowledge, nor for those searching for important information. Time to change things up! 

How can we improve corporate learning? 

Many companies hire trainers and L&D professionals who take care of educating all employees through various  learning offers. And this is great – no doubt! However, a lot of the knowledge that exists in your company can just simply not be shared that way due to limited resources. As a result, more and more attention is being paid to informal learning, in which employees pass on their individual knowledge to their colleagues and required skills are learned on the job. The potential this contains is also recognized by management and leadership levels: According to a study, about one of two specialists and company managers see knowledge transfer among colleagues and learning on the job as today’s top priorities for corporate learning. 
And no wonder: In contrast to formal training and education, informal learning covers an astonishing 80 % of knowledge transfer in companies.

However, even colleagues who work closely together don’t have unlimited resources to help their team. Upcoming questions need to be answered individually – over and over again – and there is simply no time  to write down the answer in a document during work.

But we have good news: This effort can be drastically reduced! Instead of time-consuming documentations or repeated individual conversations, you can provide your employees with a tool for their knowledge transfer that is intuitive, quick and fun to use! 

From teaching to showing: Learning with video content 

It was back in 2014 that Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin called “video the new text”: The medium that not only tells you how to do something, but that actually shows you how to do so. What’s more: Videos have proven to achieve the highest response and attention among users compared to other formats. 

At the same time, preparing knowledge in a video format is far less complex than you might think. Digital technology and modern software make it much easier to record and edit content enable anyone to become a content creator.  

Benefit from your employee’s knowledge! 

To sum it up, all you need to do is to give every employee the opportunity to share the individual knowledge they have so that every colleague can benefit. And that’s where we come in 😉 SlidePresenter is the leading enterprise video platform for employee-generated content. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to produce attractive videos within minutes: from quick click instructions to internal onboarding and product trainings. What’s more: Thanks to features such as quizzes or surveys, even interactive content can be created quickly and easily. And not only the creation of the videos is simple and fast, but also the distribution within the company. In this way, everyone contributes to a significantly smarter and more efficient knowledge transfer. 

It’s time to use your resources! 

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