What we stand for
The principles and benefits at SlidePresenter!

Great performance comes from great people!
Our goal is to make employees around the world more productive and successful. We free experts from laborious email ping-pong and frequent repetition by making knowledge available everywhere and to everyone.

We offer the easiest, safest and most fun solution to turn individual knowledge into helpful video content and share it across the organization in the most personal, understandable and yet digital way: via video.

Our principles

Work takes up a considerable part of our lives. Therefore, it is not only important to stand behind what you do, but also with whom you do it.

Our video explains what our essential values are, starting with our team to our product and the collaboration with our customers.

  • We think and act in order to build long-term partnerships with colleagues, stakeholders and customers. We value a balanced relationship between give and take, which enables high growth for all sides. Our primary goal is to continually increase the benefits of our services for our customers.

  • We take responsibility. When we say we’ll do something, we keep our word. We feel accountable ourselves instead of blaming others, making excuses or denying problems. We asks ourselfs first what we can do to improve ourselves, and start there.

  • We can handle uncertainty and have the courage of change things when they don’t work and we stand up for things when they are right. We focus on what is important and right, rather than what is desirable.

  • We like to perform. We enjoy our work and getting results. We thrive in being ambitious, are proud of our successes and have joy in celebrating them together. We are pushing ourselves and our team members to improve every day. We grow through direct feedback and constantly educate ourselves.

  • Following our motto “Everything is possible”, we focus on solutions, not problems, and live with an absolute “can do” attitude. At the same time, we accept mistakes and appreciate learning from them. Once we identify a problem, we solve it creatively and analytically – without delay!

  • We strive for making the best possible decisions based on facts and sophisticated assumptions. We are active listening by asking questions, check conclusions, press for clarification and be skeptical about information that doesn’t make sense. We seek different perspectives and challenge people if we think important facts are missing. In making a choice we also consider its implementation and anticipate its risks. We avoid distraction by ego or by fear of making mistakes. We learn from past decisions to continuously improve our judgement.

  • We are never satisfied with the status quo. We don’t wait for an impulse to act, but constantly ask ourselves what we can do to move the company forward. To do this, we also work on ourselves. We see ourselves in competition with the best in the world. To win, we continuously work on achieving results faster, avoiding repetition and not wasting time.

What do our employees say about working at SlidePresenter?

For your career and professional development

Flexible workspaces

We enable you to think outside the box and to get involved in different different areas of expertise.

Training & coaching

You never stop learning. That's why we support you in developing your skills and knowledge.

"Fast-track" career

We like to set common milestones to give you an extremely steep learning curve.

Focus on your strengths

Always be yourself! We will find a role that matches your skills, your preferences and your motivation.

Individual development

Your success is important to us! That's why we offer you strength-oriented opportunities for development.

Learning flatrate

Whether traditional or digital: Learn and inform yourself with books or via LinkedIn Learning.

Internal training database

We continuously share our knowledge within our company so that everyone benefits!

Lots of feedback

Feedback is the best way for us to get better. That's why we promote an open feedback culture.

Culture & atmosphere

Feel-good boost

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