Why SlidePresenter?

Find out why your company will not only benefit from eLearning videos in general,
but especially from SlidePresenter.

What are the advantages
of SlidePresenter?

Provide your employees with the required knowledge at the right time.

As SlidePresenter does not require any installation or training period and the production of your video presentations and messages is foolproof, it will be easy to inspire your colleagues to create eLearnings.

Management will also be pleased: Our customers report that with the help of SlidePresenter they were able to achieve significant time and cost savings.

Enhanced learning effect

Thanks to the innovative “Microlearning” format, the learning effect that's achieved is greatly increased.

Massive time savings

Create eLearnings and online trainings
up to 90% faster compared to similar solutions.

Drastic cost reductions

You can achieve cost savings of up to 85% through the “in-house” creation of eLearning courses.

Unlimited compatibility

Our solution is compatible with all systems
and integrated with a single click.

SlidePresenter compared to similar software solutions

With SlidePresenter, eLearning can be easily, quickly and effectively implemented within your company.
What differentiates us from similar software solutions?

Intuitive interface
  • eLearnings that can be created by any employee without prior technical knowledge
  • Subject matter experts produce trainings themselves
Browser-based working
  • Create content with any computer at any time from virtually anywhere
Fast implementation
  • Digital content is produced by the experts themselves
Easy distribution and streaming
  • Integration into existing systems (LMS or Intranet) via link or embedding
  • No loading times due to fast real-time streaming
Easy updating of content
  • Changes can be made directly in a web-based account
  • Automatic update of already provided content
Regular software updates
  • Automatic, centralized installation of updates
  • Compatibility is regularly updated, ensuring that content will remain functional and sustainable
Personal contact
  • Proactive customer success & support with direct phone number
  • Providing support to achieve your company's goals
Modern formats
  • “How to” and “Do it yourself” videos are catchy and full of personality.
Similar solutions
Complicated software features
  • Creation of content only manageable by specialists who are familiar with the system
  • Time-consuming training is required to train new software specialists
Fixed software license
  • Restricted to dedicated computers, software can only be used there
Time-consuming production process
  • Lengthy process due to the need to inform the training department
Large, locally stored data
  • Sending large files and separate import/export for each individual system
  • Long loading times in the distribution platform due to large amounts of data
Local and cumbersome updates
  • Updating is only possible locally with separate installation processes
  • Export and exchange of the file necessary as an additional step
New license purchase necessary
  • Updating software licenses only possible by purchasing upgrades
  • No guarantee that existing content will be compatible with devices and platforms in the future
Anonymous customer support
  • Reactive customer service, no Customer Success department
  • Often via international hotlines and forums
Regular “Web-Based Trainings”
  • Text-heavy and lengthy “click-through trainings”

What our clients say

Our customers are at the heart of our success. Find out how leading companies were able to redefine knowledge communication with SlidePresenter.

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Provide your employees with the required knowledge at the right time,
while achieving considerable time and cost savings at the same time.

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